GLN Preferred Associates

GLN is proud to endorse a number of Industry Partners that can be relied upon to offer superior services.  These include:


GLN is proud to be a partner of CargoWise , the leading provider of software solutions to the logistics industry globally with their CargoWise One platform.  


GLN is proud to be a partner of Riege Software International, the leading provider of smart software solutions for the cargo industry. Established 1985, the privately-owned company provides products and services to more than 350 customers worldwide with over 5,000 users in 24 countries, aiming to accelerate processes and enhance the work-life of forwarding professionals.


GLN Associate, Cargoguide is a part of WiseTech Global and allows users to make great quotes in seconds with up-to-date rates at their fingertips. 12 years of customer success with over 1.500 companies around the world are working with Cargo Office.

GLN has launched "GLN Legal Assistance and Advice" designed to assist Members with a legal resource as their initial point-of-contact: Roeland Golterman, Master-at-Law.  GLN has made it easy for Members to have an initial no-obligation consultation with Roeland and he can advise you of any further actions you should take.  For a fee of USD 500, Members will get up to 5-hours of legal advice from Roeland.  If the matter is outside of Roeland’s area of expertise or involving specific local laws, Roeland will be able to put you in contact with a more appropriate legal expert.  Members will be able to see an on-line count-down clock to ensure consultations are effective.  Click on Legal Assistance for more information.

GLN endorses the "Organization of Logistics Professionals (OLP)".  This company allows Logisticians to become accredited as Certified Logisticians, Certified Lead Logisticians or Certified Master Logisticians depending on their education and experience (which are reviewed by independent OLP Board Certification Members).  Enhances career development and professional credibility........

After several months of testing, GLN is pleased to endorse WISE (Formerly TransferWise) for banking transactions involving international remittances in foreign currencies.  Wise offers a significantly better currency conversion rate than available via normal banking channels and, in addition, both remitters and recipients save on banking fees.  To establish a Wise Account, simply request an invitation to join by emailing [email protected]



Jointly operated by GLN and our Memorandum of Understanding partner, 5-Star Logistics Network, the "Global Ship Agencies Network" (GSAN) is a worldwide umbrella organization comprised of leading local and regional Liner and Tramp Ship Agents.

Established in 2003 and owned by GLN, Trans-Directory is the world's leading directory of transportation & logistics companies.