Member Benefits

Global Logistics Network strives to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering the fullest range of services and practical innovations to its members.

Member Retention:
GLN has, without question, the best “loyalty factor” of any of the freight forwarding networks with less Members leaving for voluntarily/involuntarily reasons since inception than some networks lose every year!

Member Benefits:
A brief summary of GLN Membership Benefits is as follows:
» Managed by a knowledgeable and experienced freight forwarder
» Membership is strictly limited to 3 members in any air or port location
» Non Exclusive Network – continue working with your existing Agent/Partner or select any GLN Member
» Access to our global network of GLN Members using our spam-free internet facilities
» Reasonable membership fees reflecting local marketplace with multiple branch discounts
» Fully automated Membership Application
» Ability for all GLN Members to edit their own company webpage profiles
» An highly responsive Headquarters that understands our industry
» All new GLN Members are pre-qualified with references checked
» Agency Agreement applicable between all GLN Members
» Dedicated GLN Message Board
» Referral system whereby Members get credit towards future Membership fees
» Amber Alert System to identify and resolve non-payment issues between GLN Members
» Accounts Receivable Insurance Fund covering an aggregate per incident of USD 50,000 in bad debts. (GLN is the only Network where these fund belong to Members)
» Annual Conferences dedicated solely to sales, member development and social interaction
» Automated Conference Reservation and One-on-One Meeting Scheduler
» On-line Sales Lead System
» Global Branding Initiatives to enhance potential RFQ/RFI invitations